Newest OYC Site: Budapest

Published Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 18:20

OYC-BudapestThis week we welcome Budapest, Hungary as the newest One Year Challenge site! The Budapest Church of Christ is looking for brothers and sisters with spiritual ambition to impact Hungary for Christ, one person at a time. They want to restart the campus ministry and reach the over 150,000 students studying in Budapest. They also want to restart a young professionals ministry. You can learn more at the One Year Challenge website

You don't need a "Gideon sign" – the Bible is enough to encourage you to make the leap and take the One Year Challenge! The OYC Guys share the scriptures that move them. Take a few minutes to hear from some young men on a mission.

New content this week on the One Year Challenge blog:

  • The Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission: What is the "Cultural Mandate?" How does it relate to the Great Commission? An understanding of these two mandates can help us find deeper convictions about what "serving God with whatever I do" really means Biblically. 
  • The Parent's Role in Making a One Year Challenger: Deciding to let your son or daughter go can be tougher than going yourself! Read the article to hear one parent's experience of not only letting his daughter go on a mission, but also supporting her. 
  • Great Missionary Lives: Samuel Zwemer: Known as the "Apostle to Islam," Samuel Zwemer's life and story is an example of choosing the hardest mission fields. Zwemer decided to go to Arabia because he saw that the need there was the greatest. Learn from this example by reading about his life. 
  • Great Images: A World of Languages: God desires to be worshipped in every language and tongue. See this great image for an intriguing picture of all the world's languages. 
  • What We're Reading Today: This week's featured excerpt for disciples considering an OYC is taken from F. Barton Davis', Closer Than a Brother: Unlocking the Power of the One Another Way
  • Monday Music: Songs in the Languages of the World: Every week we'll share some music in languages from around the world. This week’s Monday Music is from Australia, "What a Beautiful Name." 

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