San Diego Church Seeks Two Experienced Ministry Couples

Published Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2017 11:20

The San Diego Church of Christ has openings for two experienced ministry couples: One to oversee the Mission Region of 350 members located in the central part of the city and the other to lead the South Point Region of 310 members in the southern part of the county.

San-Diego-Church-of-Christ-1024x600During the past 18 months, the San Diego Church of Christ has provided two great ministry couples to lead HOPE worldwide. In October 2015, Robert Carrillo (former congregational evangelist) was hired to be the CEO and in March 2017, Shane Engel was hired to be the Director of Communications. The departure of both the Carrillos and Engels has left a void in our senior leadership team. 

The church in San Diego is currently organized into four regions across our county of 3.2 million people. Our membership is approaching 1,200 members. Our congregation was established more than 50 years ago and enjoys an incredible family culture with a focus on raising the next generation of leaders to lead the church into the next era. Our city offers some very exciting challenges with several major universities and is very culturally diverse.

We are part of the Southwest Family of Churches. We also provide support, and work closely with churches in Mexico, the Middle East and the Philippines. Our membership is a mixture of mature experienced disciples, dynamic singles, young marrieds and families as well as a growing campus ministry of more than 100 disciples plus a thriving youth and family ministry. 

Our church is accepting applications for these two amazing opportunities. Please send your application to include a cover letter and resume to Ray Schalk, Director of Administration (

– The Elders & Evangelists

Build Date: 20/03/2017