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God can do so much through friendship

On the 4th of May, 2013, a great testimony of friendship and love for God grew in it's impact to bring people to God.  Back in January of 2013, our brother Patrick from the Paris church came to London to bring his life long friend Francois to church.  Patrick had recently become a disciple back in Paris, but was sharing this new love for God with those closest to him.  What transpired over the next 4 months was a great jounrey of truth and repentance, as Francois grew in his faith and grew in his desire to be right with God.  

    Francois had come to a place where he was not happy with where he was in his life and the decisions he was making.  As he read the bible and heard the bible being taught more and more, he just wanted more of it, listening to lessons on his way to work, reading the Bible consistenly and seeing how powerful it was in our lives, including Patrick and letting that power move in his life that he came to great conviction and made decisions for God out of his greater love for Him.  This leads us to Cefn Lea, Wales for the 2013 Singles Retreat, "I can", where Francois proclaimed his good confession and was baptised into a new creation.  

Francois' Baptism